What is Concrete Resurfacing?


The first impression that you get about something matters a lot. Regardless of humans being told to avoid making judgments about something before they discover more about it, everyone is attracted to decorative surfaces. On the other hand, being welcomed by worn out, damaged, and dirty surfaces will surely put you off.

As a property owner who values your home, you acknowledge why it’s important to keep it looking neat and attractive. Besides keeping your home attractive for its real estate value, you also need to keep it in the best condition to make it more livable.


concrete driveway resurfacing of a large house in sydney


The outdoor area of your home is the first noticeable spot by visitors and prospective home buyers. Thus, it’s important to repair any broken concrete surfaces. However, concrete repairs can be quite costly and laborious.

Luckily, fixing a slightly worn out or damaged concrete sidewalk, patio, pool deck, or driveway is affordable. You only need to ground off the old layer of concrete and fresh concrete.

Concrete resurfacing is an economical and time-saving way of repairing worn out concrete surfaces. But what does it entail? Essentially, the goal of concrete resurfacing is to give indoor and outdoor surfaces a fresh finish without replacing the entire flooring.

It’s a simple process that saves money, unlike the costly process of redoing the floor. Also, it comes with multiple finishes to choose from such that you can easily customize and decorate the floor as you desire.


How Does Concrete Resurfacing Work?

Fixing damaged concrete floors using traditional methods requires breaking up the older surface and removing all the existing materials. Next, a new concrete floor is applied. However, it’s extremely tiring, time-consuming, and expensive to do that.

On the other hand, concrete resurfacing involves pouring new concrete over the old concrete. Thus, you’ll use the old concrete as a base layer for the fresh concrete.


How to Prepare a Surface for Resurfacing

Before resurfacing a floor with concrete, ensure the area is clean without debris and loose concrete around it. You can remove any flaky or loose concrete and fragments from the area by power washing. If you’re planning to wash the area with any chemicals or soap, ensure you rinse the surface thoroughly.

Leaving chemicals or soap behind may affect how the concrete adheres. Also, dirt can prevent new concrete from adhering properly. All blemishes and cracks should be repaired before resurfacing.

Once the surface is prepared, new concrete is poured and spread evenly for an even and smooth finish. Once the concrete cures, it’ll leave a beautiful and smooth floor.

Although the new floor will be smooth, it might be slippery when wet. You can add a non-slip coating to prevent it from being slippery. You can also add decorative treatments to enhance the look of the floor.


What Makes Up A Concrete Resurfacing Product?

Concrete resurfacing comprises of a cement overlay mixed with certain boding agents. The concrete is poured on an existing concrete surface. It adheres to make a new, smooth surface. It makes the floor more durable and strong. You should allow for 24 hours for the floor to dry before driving along it.


Benefits That Come With Concrete Resurfacing

Besides revamping a worn-out patio or driveway, there are more benefits that come with concrete resurfacing. It’s a time saving and economical method of fixing an old concrete surface. Also, it requires less effort to apply. You won’t have to break apart the old surface and pour concrete afresh.

You’ll only pour new concrete over the old one. Also, it’s resilient to tear and wear. You can also apply custom finishes for a unique look. Besides, it’ll make the surface smooth and attractive.


Which Kind of Surfaces Can Be Resurfaced With Concrete?

Concrete resurfacing is most suitable for application on slightly damaged floors. If the floor has extreme damage or large holes, you’ll need to repair it first before resurfacing.

Concrete resurfacing doesn’t fix structural issues. If you apply it over large cracks, the cracks will extend to the new surface, thereby forcing you to do another repair.

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