Options for Concrete Resurfacing

There’re several options available for resurfacing old or worn-out concrete surfaces. The options available give different appearances and fit all budgets. You can choose from the following Sydney concrete surfacing options:

  • Pebblecrete
  • Stenciled concrete
  • Standard concrete
  • Multicoloured stenciling
  • Coloured concrete

Whether you’re planning to build a concrete pool, patio, or driveway, or you just inherited the assets after moving in, concrete requires a retouch after some years. Knowing the resurfacing options available for concrete surfaces will assist you to make a more informed decision.


beautiful concrete driveway surfaced in Sydney


You can make better decisions about how your home looks like by knowing about different concrete resurfacing solutions and the associated costs.


Options for Resurfacing Concrete Driveways

Concrete is a practical for building driveways. However, concrete deteriorates over time. If worn out, it’ll demand resurfacing or replacement.

In most cases, repairing concrete driveways require laborious demolition and subsequent removal. However, concrete resurfacing saves time, effort, and money. Resurfaced driveways are usable within a few days, unlike a new slab.

Resurfacing concrete is a reliable way of covering existing issues such as stubborn stains and giving your outdoor space a facelift.


Options for Resurfacing a Concrete Swimming Pool

In case your concrete pool is worn out, you can give it a new look by resurfacing it. There’re several reasons that might make your pebblecrete or concrete pool look dull. Surface fixes such as painting it won’t fix any underlying issues.

While it’ll help to have an expert assess your pool, you’ll likely have to remove any damaged parts of the concrete surface and resurface the pool with a material of your choice. Also, you’ll need to replace the waterline tiles.

If you’re planning to resurface your pool, you can choose from several materials including concrete, beadcrete, marblesheen, pebblecrete, or fiberglass.


Options for Resurfacing a Concrete Patio

Just like driveways, you can choose from several resurfacing options including:

  • Coloured concrete
  • Standard concrete
  • Multicoloured concrete
  • Stenciled concrete
  • Pebblecrete

However, you can decide to build a unique patio by resurfacing it with pavers rather than the aforementioned materials.


What’s The Cost of a Concrete Resurfacing Job?

When looking for a concreter to resurface your pool, driveway, or patio, it’ll help to have some knowledge about the cost of the project. Expect to pay the following for different types of concrete:

  • Standard concrete: $35 per square meter
  • Stenciled concrete resurfacing: $50 per square meter
  • Multicoloured stenciling: $85 per square meter
  • Coloured concrete: $75-$90 per square meter
  • Pebblecrete: $100-$150 per square meter

The cost can be higher due to other factors like slopes and access. Also, you’ll need to add labor costs and any other fees. By having these cost estimates, you’ll have an idea about the amount your potential concreter will charge you.


Concrete Resurfacing With Pebblestone

Pebblestone, also known as pebblecrete, is another common method for resurfacing driveways, pools, and other concrete surfaces. Pebblestone is formed by mixing concrete and pebbles. It has been used for decades in several Sydney homes. Actually, some existing pebblecrete surfaces from the 1960s look dated. However, modern techniques, such as resurfacing, can give it a fresher look.

Property owners prefer pebblecrete due to its low maintenance and natural look. Also, it’s able to hide stains, unlike normal concrete. Resurfacing with pebblecrete costs about $80 extra per square meter when compared to plain concrete. The cost may be higher when resurfacing sloped surfaces.




What’s the cost of a concrete resurfacing project?

The cost of concrete resurfacing varies depending on several factors including the area to be covered in terms of size, access, and slope. Expect to get charged around $100 to $150 per sq. meter.


What’s the thickness of concrete overlays?

Typical concrete overlays are only a few millimeters thick. However, if the surface has deep or wide cracks and holes, they should be filled with a leveler before resurfacing with concrete.


What options are available for improving an old or worn-out concrete driveway?

There’re several ways of improving a worn-out or old concrete surface. Essentially, the applicable method will mainly depend on the nature of the problem. For instance, filling cracks and holes can make your driveway look newer.

Also, preventing weed growth and strengthening the surface will make it look better. In case it’s stained, you can try pressure washing to give it a newer look. However, most situations require resurfacing or complete replacement.


How often will my concrete pool require resurfacing?

Each swimming pool is built differently. Generally, concrete pools last 10-15 years. Once you spot any damage on a concrete surface, it’ll be more economical to resurface it sooner than later. If you wait longer, the problem may worsen and cost you more to fix it.


How long will a resurfaced patio or driveway last?

A properly done resurfacing job with a strong base should last approximately 10 to 20 years. However, its lifespan may reduce due to heavy usage and pooling water among other factors.