The Process of Concrete Resurfacing


Whether you’ve recently bought a new home or you want to upgrade your old concrete driveway to give it a new look, you can use concrete resurfacing to make a dream front yard. It’s an affordable way of upgrading any outdoor concrete surface.

A Sydney concrete resurfacing company can assist you to plan your next concrete project. By working with a professional and reputable concrete company for your upcoming driveway resurfacing project, you’ll instantly appreciate the beauty that comes with the final result.

Also, resurfacing your driveway will make it more durable. Here’s how to apply concrete resurfacing to upgrade an old or worn-out driveway.


process of resurfacing concrete surfaces in sydney


Step 1: Preparing the Old Surface

First, prepare the old concrete surface before applying a new layer of concrete over the old one. If the concrete surface is dirty, the resurfacing layer won’t adhere properly onto the old surface.

A power washing technique will be used to clean any dirt and debris off the concrete driveway. Upon cleaning the driveway, the contractor will proceed to repair and resurface the driveway.


Step 2: Repairing Cracks and Priming

Next, any cracks should be repaired and primed before applying a new layer of concrete. If the cracks are not repaired, they may recur after resurfacing. As a result, you’ll spend more time and money to redo the repairs.

Any noticeable blemishes and cracks should be primed and filled to prevent them from recurring after resurfacing. A special mesh fabric is used to reinforce the repairs.


Step 3: Applying the Resurfacing Material

Upon filling and reinforcing the cracks, the contractor will proceed to apply a fresh resurfacing material. Generally, a durable polymer is applied when resurfacing a concrete driveway.

The polymer adheres to the old concrete surface and creates a wear-resistant and aesthetically pleasing layer. The polymer should be allowed to cure before using the driveway again.