Signs Your Concrete Patio Requires Resurfacing


If you own a patio, you probably love spending time in the space to entertain family members and guests. It’s also a great space to relax as you enjoy the beautiful views of your yard.

If your patio is made of concrete, its surface may get worn out over time. Luckily, you can have the concrete floor resurfaced by a reputable concrete company in Sydney.


resurfacing a concrete patio floor in sydney


Concrete resurfacing can restore your concrete patio to a perfect condition. By resurfacing your concrete patio, the cracked and old concrete will be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing surface. Here are some key signs that tell your concrete patio requires resurfacing.



Concrete chipping, also known as spalling, refers to chips or other kinds of damages on a concrete surface. If a patio concrete floor is chipping, you’ll notice that the outmost layers are flaking or chipping away.

In this case, hire a reputable concrete resurfacing contractor to apply a fresh concrete surface over the old concrete to seal the chipping layers. Resurfacing an old concrete surface with a new layer of concrete will give it a brand new look.


Pooling Water

Concrete surfaces develop cracks or other damages as a result of prolonged exposure to water. If you notice pooling water on your patio, it’s an indication that it needs resurfacing.

Besides having your patio resurfaced, you can seek advice from your contractor about building a reliable drainage for the patio. Adding drainage will prevent water from pooling on the concrete surface.


Visible Cracks

If you notice visible chips and cracks on your concrete patio, then it’s ready for concrete resurfacing. The surface can be repaired by pouring a new layer of concrete over the old concrete surface.

The new surface will be smoothened to keep it free of cracks and other blemishes. Always have concrete cracks repaired soonest possible before they expand and become a costlier problem to fix.