Should You Replace or Resurface Worn Concrete?

Over time, concrete surfaces look worn and tired. Once this happens, does it mean you’ll completely dismantle the old concrete and replace it?

It’s not always necessary to replace worn concrete. In most instances, resurfacing worn concrete in Sydney is enough to give it a newer look.


resurfaced private concrete driveway in sydney


When should you replace concrete?

In some instances, concrete might be extremely damaged such that resurfacing it wouldn’t be the best fix. Generally, concrete is poured on a laid-out sub-base.

In case the underlying sub-base wasn’t prepared properly before laying concrete, the concrete might develop huge cracks.

Also, the underlying sub-base might have been set up properly only for erosion beneath the concrete to create voids and cracks. The following points should give you some clues about what to do:

  • Long but relatively straight cracks can be repaired
  • Cracks running in several different directions would necessitate concrete replacement.
  • Concrete floors should have sufficient expansion joints. These joints prevent cracking whenever concrete expands and contracts. If concrete on one or both sides of the joints isn’t level, it’s an indicator of erosion. If that’s the case, it’s advisable to replace the concrete. If the concrete surface is subjected to extreme weight, it’ll help to have a reputable concreting expert to repair any damages.


When should you resurface a concrete surface?

If the underlying sub-base isn’t showing any signs of damage, you can resurface the concrete flooring and get durable results. A professional concrete resurfacing professional will tell you whether your concrete flooring can be safely resurfaced.

A professional company minds their reputation and won’t risk resurfacing concrete that’ll soon crack or experience further damages. Also, a reputable company will warranty their resurfacing services to guarantee their work.

Concrete resurfacing should only be done by experts to get the job done right for durable results. Before resurfacing, any damages on the concrete such as small cracks should be repaired. Next, the concrete will be prepared for surface coating.

There’re several techniques that can be used to resurface concrete. You can choose from the following techniques:

  • Mixing pebbles or aggregates with concrete.
  • Spraying colored concrete over the old concrete.
  • Using acid dyes to change the color of concrete. Acid dyes also form natural-looking colors on concrete.
  • Stenciling to create patterns on concrete.
  • Stamping to create texture and depth on concrete.


You can combine these techniques to make a more unique patio or driveway. The overall cost of resurfacing concrete will depend on factors such as:

  • The nature of the project in terms of size
  • Whether repair work is needed and the extent of the repairs.
  • The concrete resurfacing techniques to be used.
  • Whether the surface is flat or sloped. Typically, sloped surfaces are costlier to resurface than flat ones.

You can get a rough idea about the overall cost of your concrete resurfacing project by getting quotes from Sydney concrete resurfacing companies. Ensure you give the prospective company enough details regarding your project for a more accurate quote.