Facts and Costs for Concrete Resurfacing

If you no longer like the dull look of a plain concrete patio or driveway, resurfacing it will be an inexpensive and brilliant way of improving its look. The cost of resurfacing concrete is mainly dependent on the resurfacing method to be used and how large the surface is in terms of square meters.

On average, resurfacing costs $100 to $150 per sq. meter. An average resurfacing job will cost anywhere from $3,000 up to about $4,500. The cost can be higher in case the old surface requires repairs or a slab has to be poured before resurfacing.

Read through this guide for more details about the options available for concrete resurfacing Sydney services and their estimated cost.


resurfacing concrete driveways in a residential duplex building in sydney


What Does Concrete Resurfacing Entail?

Concrete resurfacing entails altering an existing concrete surface by adding a coat of new concrete on the old concrete or stenciling or stamping an existing surface.

Concrete resurfacing can be done on concrete driveways, pool surrounds, patios, ramps and strains, flooring, and other kinds of concrete surfaces.


Advantages of Resurfacing Concrete

There’re several functional and aesthetic benefits of doing a concrete resurfacing project. Essentially, it’s more economical than removing concrete entirely and replacing it with new concrete. You can resurface concrete surfaces to achieve the following goals:

  • Make the surface easier to maintain and clean
  • Change the appearance of the surface with different designs and colours
  • Protect the concrete surface from sun and water damage
  • Enhance safety by applying a non-slip coating
  • Cover up imperfections such as discolouration and stains


Options Available for Concrete Resurfacing

You’ll have the following options when doing a driveway resurfacing project:

  • Stenciled concrete- $100 to $150 per sq. meter
  • Pebblecrete- $140 to $165 per sq. meter
  • Stamped concrete- at least $120 per sq. meter
  • Coloured concrete- $70 to $95 per sq. meter

The easiest method of resurfacing concrete is spraying a thin coat of concrete. The coating can be coloured, multicoloured, or plain depending on your preferences. Stenciled concrete involves using stencils to form different types of patterns. Stamped concrete is ideal for creating textures.

The cost of resurfacing may vary depending on the process being used. Coloured concrete is the most affordable option. Stamped concrete and pebblecrete are more expensive than other resurfacing methods.

A stamped or stenciled driveway resembling cobblestone, natural stone, bush rock, or bricks is more affordable than real stone or bricks.


What’s the Cost of Coloured Concrete?

Coloured concrete is applied on a plain surface. If the surface has an existing slab, there’ll be extra charges for repairing any damages and cleaning the slab. Once repairs and cleaning are done, coloured concrete is applied on the concrete slab.

The colour goes in the concrete such that it doesn’t wear off like a regular paint coating. Coloured concrete can be applied in a single or multiple colour hues. Dyes don’t have several colour options but deliver complementary colours in concrete.

The cost of spraying coloured concrete ranges from $70 to $95 per sq. meter. The price mainly depends on how large the area being coloured is among other factors.

Actually, smaller patios or driveways may cost a lot more than larger areas since concreters will consider the setup and travel time.


What’s The Cost of Pebblecrete?

Pebblecrete, also known as exposed aggregate, involves adding aggregates to concrete while mixing. The mixture is applied on a concrete surface such that the aggregates appear over the surface.

It’s a different method from stamped, coloured, or stenciled concrete. Pebblecrete is applied in patterns or a single colour.

Plain pebblecrete is more affordable than patterned surfaces due to being easier to install. On average, pebblecrete costs $80 more per sq. meter than applying plain concrete. Plain pebblecrete can cost approximately $2,100 to apply it on flat surfaces.

It may cost your approximately $100 per sq. meter to apply pebblecrete on a sloping concrete surface. A steeper surface will cost you more. Although pebblecrete is around $1,200-$1,500 costlier than using plain concrete, it’ll give a more attractive and long-lasting finish.


What’s The Cost of Stenciled Concrete?

Installing stenciled concrete involves two stages. The first stage involves applying the base coat. The second stage involves placing a stencil on the base coat and spraying it with a colour.

Most stencil patterns resemble brick, stone, or other natural materials. The patterns cost about the same. However, combining different colours and patterns will push the price higher.

It costs roughly $100 to $150 per sq. meter to apply concrete stenciling. Thus, an average job will cost roughly $3,000-$4,000.

The overall cost may go higher if the old concrete surface requires repairing. If a slab should be poured instead of resurfacing, the overall cost might exceed what you’d spend to lay pavers.


What the Cost of Installing Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete can be compared to stenciled concrete but gives the concrete surface a more realistic texture. If concrete stamping is done by experts, it’ll be quite hard to differentiate the flooring from real stone.

Generally, stamped concrete costs at least $120 per sq. meter. The price may be higher depending on other factors. For instance, combining several textures or integrating complex textures can push the price higher.

Just like stenciled concrete, you can select from several stamped concrete patterns. You can also consider styles resembling natural stone or colours that’ll make your patio or driveway look brighter.


How to Choose a Concreting Company

When choosing a concreting company for your upcoming concrete resurfacing project, ensure the company you want to hire has experience in concrete resurfacing. At least, they should have a portfolio showcasing their past projects. That way, you’ll have a glimpse of the kind of work they do.

Coloured concrete is quite easy to install. It’s also affordable. Settle on a preferred colour before choosing a concreting company since some concreting companies may not have the colour you want. In case you want to apply a complex design, ensure the prospective company can do it.

Most concreters offer exposed aggregate concrete surfaces. Typically, applying a plain concrete surface is relatively easy. Regardless, ensure you hire a professional company that will get the job done at an affordable rate. However, expect to pay a little more for detailed designs or patterns.

Stamped and stenciled concrete requires an experienced company. In this case, choose a concreter who can prove their ability rather than going for the cheapest offer. The company should show you the designs they’ve created in the past and guarantee their concreting work.

Generally, stamped or stenciled concrete should be allowed to settle for about 14 days before using the surface. A company that’ll tell you that the surface will be usable within a week wouldn’t be trustworthy.



Is it possible to resurface a cracked concrete surface?

Concrete surfaces with minor cracks can be resurfaced. However, surfaces with deep cracks should be removed and replaced.


What are the best resurfacing products?

Concrete resurfacing is done using a combination of products such as polymer modifiers, sand, cement, and any other additives that’ll create a strong adhesion.

Using high quality resurfacing products will produce a more durable and stronger surface than the existing slab, even if the coating applied is thin.


How is concrete resurfacing done?

When resurfacing your concrete patio or driveway, the contractor will start with filling any cracks and leveling the surface. Next, a primer is applied.

Once done, a layer of concrete will be sprayed over the old concrete surface using the desired finish such as stencils or stamped concrete.


Can pebblecrete be applied on an existing concrete surface?

If the old concrete surface is structurally sound, then you don’t have to remove it. Your concreting company will check the structural status of the old concrete and advice whether it’ll be removed to install a new slab or it can be resurfaced.